Tailor Made Walks


This is Zuma. Zuma is wonderfully special, partly because he is blind, but mostly because despite his blindness and severe arthritis, he is one of the most happy dogs I know. I take him on the same walk every time we go out (Darnford Park), so he is very familiar with the route and knows exactly what to expect along the way. The grass is kept short and there are big expanses of green for him to run on. Despite being unable to see he loves to run, and as long as I look out for any possible obstacles (mainly mole hills and rabbit holes) he runs on lead, with the wind in his hair! I talk to him as we go around the walk, so he knows I’m not far away. He is such a lovely dog and a real lesson to us all – he may be blind and have dodgy legs, but he enjoys life to the max!